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  What types of organizations are eligible to apply for grant support from New York State Council on the Arts?

The New York State Council on the Arts awards grants to nonprofit organizations either incorporated in or registered to do business in New York State, Indian tribes in New York State, and units of government in municipalities in New York State. An organization must have its principal place of business located in New York serving the State’s constituents.

Individuals and unincorporated groups may not apply, but an eligible nonprofit organization, known as a fiscal sponsor, may apply on behalf of an individual or unincorporated group. Please see the definition of fiscal sponsor in the glossary for more information. 

What are the eligibility requirements for applicants?

Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements at the time of their application for funding from the Council as well as during the grant award contracting and payment process. Organizations may be required to provide proof of compliance related to eligibility requirements at any point in the grant application and review process and the grant award contract and payment process.

1. Nonprofit Incorporation Status
An applicant must be able to demonstrate that it is incorporated as a nonprofit organization. In New York State, a nonprofit corporation may be formed through either of two departments: the NYS Department of State or the NYS Department of Education (many museums, arts centers, historic houses, and education and service nonprofits, for example, are formed through the NYS Department of Education).If an organization is incorporated elsewhere, it must be registered to do business in NYS through the NYS Department of State and must have its principal place of business located in New York. It is the Council’s mission to nurture artists and arts organizations located in New York State serving New York State constituents.

2. Federal Employee Identification (FEI) Number
Organizations with salaried employees or organizations that pay fees to artists, consultants, or contractors are required to have a Federal Employee Identification (“FEI”) number issued by the Federal Internal Revenue Service (visit http://www.irs.gov for further information). The Council uses the FEI number to identify applicant organizations and grantees. No grant payments can be authorized to organizations without a FEI number.

3. NY State Charities Registration Number
Nearly all nonprofit organizations must register with the Charities Registration Bureau at the NYS Attorney General's Office. Visit www.charitiesnys.com to learn more about this registration requirement.

Some educational and religious organizations may be exempt from this requirement. The Council cannot authorize payments to an organization without a Charities Registration number unless the organization is exempt from the registration requirement. Applicant organizations unsure of their Charities Registration status should consult legal counsel or the Charities Registration Bureau.

If an applicant organization’s Charities Registration is not in good standing, the applicant will be notified by e-mail at the address provided in the Organizational Info Form portion of the application. If the applicant cannot resolve the issue(s) within 14 calendar days after the date of the e-mail, the organization will become ineligible for an award from the Council and will remain ineligible until such time as the registration is in good standing.

4. NY State Department of Taxation and Finance
Organizations with outstanding liabilities with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance are not eligible for funding from the Council. Applicants may be required to provide proof that any such liability has been paid.

5. Prequalification
All eligible nonprofit organizations seeking funding from New York State must become prequalified before an application can be considered by the Council.. For new grantees that have not yet been prequalified, go to www.grantsreform.ny.gov to begin the process of registering with the Grants Gateway. Once registered, organizations can begin the prequalification application process by filling out the online application and submitting all required documents. For existing NYSCA grantees, document vaults must be current and prequalified at the time an application is submitted in order to be considered for funding.

6. Final Reports
For all current grantees, the timely submission and staff approval of all mandated Final Reports is required before an application can be made to the Council and before a new Cultural Services Contract can be issued to an organization. Please log onto the NYSCA website and visit the Organization Home page on the online grant application system to review the report(s) that are due, overdue or incomplete.

Organizations with Public University Affiliations

The Council is prohibited from funding public colleges and universities. Applicants with close public college or university affiliations will be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility. Applicants must demonstrate a purpose that is broader than the exclusive support of a public college or university or any component, and whether the applicant supports an institution related to, but is not a full component of, a public college or university. Please download and complete this form to help determine eligibility. Such applicants are strongly advised to contact Council staff well in advance of the registration deadline to determine their eligibility.


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